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The Vixen Package is inspired by Women's creative carnal energy


As a woman, I know how important it is to feel sexy in your own skin. And, yes, I've been there.  I hired a photographer at 28 to capture my own carnal energy. My goal is to create a supportive and open environment free of judgment, so that you can be exactly who you are 


Portraits can be done in studio, outdoors or in your own home


This package includes:


-head shots

-a moving image

-multiple outfits

-multiple backgrounds

-100 + delicately edited boudoir images

   your theme or mine 

Additional charges may include:

-flowers/flower crowns $50 (when available)

-warm milk bath $75 

-moving images $75

-video footage $7/sec

-transportion within 30mi + $0.50 per mi

-additional supplies "quote"

Sexy, boudoir, Vancouver, fantasy photography , art photography,
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