Impress your friends, while delving deep into the unconscious mind, with this delicatedly wrapped open back chobochan moon pendant. Luna, Mother Moon, the ruler of tides also regulates our emotional mind. Our emotions, much like tides, can be flat, calm, blue, or as crashing surf or small rocking waves. These feelings can engulf us and even leave us with a feeling of emptiness. Stay grounded with the Silver wrapped moon pendant by simply observing.
Place the pendant in your palm and feel the weight of it. Is it light or heavy? Are your hands warm or cold. What color is it? Is it shiny or dull? Practice Mindful observing daily to keep your tides calm.
The Silver wrapped Moon pendant is available in 2 gemstones; pink Quartz and Sodalite (shown in image) . No two moons are alike.

Silver wrapped Moon Pendant

  • All products are handmade by me and sourced locally when possible. When sourcing outside of my home community, all transactions are done so in an ethical, respectful and mindful manner to ensure the longevity and health of the environment as well as its stewards